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College of Continuing Education

The College of Continuing Education was founded on 21, July, 1995, upon the approval of the former Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (CSTIND) to take charge of planning, organizing, managing various and improving the quality of the education offered. When the new National University of Defense Technology was founded in 1999, the former College of Continuing Education was integrated with the High-Tech Training Program to form the new College of Continuing Education.  Its main responsibilities are high-tech training, management and support for the armed forces, training relevant professional technical cadres, and teaching management and support for engineers in the masters’ program or with masters’ degrees who are or will be in positions of command. The college is the only one of its kind in the PLA.

The college has the following divisions:  the General Office, the High-Tech Education and Research Section, and two cadet teams. The General Office is in charge of teaching organization, administration and support. The High-Tech Education and Research Section is responsible for studies concerning developmental strategies in high-tech training for the armed forces, planning curriculum, teaching tasks within some courses, and studies on problems related to the modernization of the armed forces. The College of Continuing Education is a bridge across which the university keeps in contact with the troops and continually updates the troops to improve the military.

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